post-title 5 Tips to Delay Ejaculation

5 Tips to Delay Ejaculation

5 Tips to Delay Ejaculation

5 Tips to Delay Ejaculation

Once a man was asked, if he is given a choice between eating the same food every day for the whole life or never be able to have sex for the whole life. Well, the answer of that man didn’t surprised us. Obviously he chose to have sex for the rest of his life and eat the same food every day. This shows how much sex is important for men. However, men are happy to get to pound that juicy and tasty pussy while getting height of orgasm, but they almost forget that their female partner also wants to have orgasm too. And there are many cases of divorces just because the male partner have pre-mature ejaculation. If someone has a partner who ejaculates prematurely, then don’t get angry instead help him. Even it is a matter of shame for that poor soul too. Before we go into details as to how can you stop your partner to ejaculate prematurely, let’s look at a few pointers as to why a man ejaculates prematurely.

Why men do ejaculates so fast – Reasons

There are reasons behind everything. Premature ejaculation is also a kind of disease like depression or fever etc. So, do you treat your ailment or do you kill the person who is ill? And you have your answer that why you must be patient and help your partner. Love is not something that you only enjoy in good times, but when you are in love, you are ready to face difficult times with your partner. And this is actually a very difficult time for your partner and you can’t leave him alone. Coming back to the point. There are various reason like mental, physical, biological and etc. One of the main reason for premature ejaculation is anxiety and stress. Yes, your mental health is equally important with your physical health. If you are disturb mentally, you will see a physical reaction for sure. Many people don’t take this seriously but anxiety and stress can be good reasons for your man to lose his power in minutes. There is one more psychological reason. But please ladies, don’t take it to your heart. But if a man had previous pleasurable sexual intercourses in which he was able to take the shot as long as he wanted, but since he was with another lady, that power disappeared after a while because he may not be happy with the experience. Well, biological reasons can be due to hormonal issues, imbalance of brain hormones-neurotransmitters and etc. For both the reasons, the concerned man should go for a checkup.

We may not be able to tell you permanent solutions for premature ejaculation, but these exercises surely help. And this can stop premature cuming the next time you decide to do it. If you are ready, then be with us and enjoy a longer and happier sex just by applying these tips with a mature escort Berlin. Moreover, you won’t have to put extra efforts but a few minutes every day can surely improve your sex life. So take it seriously and act on it, rather than just reading and closing the window.

5 Tips to last longer in bed

A rehearsal is important before the big show

Well, with rehearsals we mean masturbation and big show is when you are actually getting in bed. Most of times sex doesn’t happen abruptly. You must have plan it before. All you have to do is to take your load off two to three hours before you are going to meet your girl. This helps, you to keep your boner for longer hour. Once you take your load off, it takes time to produce more semen instantly and hence you are able to last for a longer period of time.

Start using long lasting condoms or spray

Make your sex longer and make it safe too. As technology has advanced, there are long lasting condoms and sprays in the market. They are not just to look, they are there for your use. So, be smart. Yes, when you use spray or condom that makes you last longer, you don’t feel anything initially because of the chemicals but when you are in the motion, you can never enjoy it better. It won’t only stop your premature loss of power, but it will also make sure you are having safer sex. However, if you have plans for oral and you have already sprayed then don’t forget to clean up your dick before you go all in into her mouth.

Block your semen from coming out

Well, you would be thinking, stopping yourself o cum is your problem, then how is it a tip. Worry not, and stay chill. You will find the secret. This secret is used by many porn stars too. All you have to do is to be attentive, when you are at the height of your orgasm, just stop for thirty seconds and hold your dick’s tip. This will make your dick a bit softer but you will also overcome your ejaculation before you are done and embarrassed. It can be a bit hard, but it is the easiest and instant way to make you last longer and it has surely made lives of many men beautiful. You can also use this technique even if you don’t ejaculate fast but want more time in your girl’s pussy.

Do some Kegel exercises

If you are a gym goer or appreciate fitness, then you would understand this. Your dick also needs to work out in order to get stronger and Kegels are the best exercises for your little soldier. This would directly work on your pubococcygeus muscle that helps you to stay longer. Hence your performance will improve and your partner will be happy.

Take a pill and rest is chill

Well, there are no specific pills that would make you last longer but there are a few pills like anti-depressant and many more that helps. However, never take these medication without consulting your doctor.