post-title How Often Do Women Masturbate?

How Often Do Women Masturbate?

How Often Do Women Masturbate?

How Often Do Women Masturbate?

Gone are the days when masturbating was just a guy thing. Today many women also masturbates. There are many people out there who still sees this act a taboo. Well, if guys can take their load off and if the society thinks it is normal then why can’t we accept women doing the same? We usually start crying on things when feminists asks for equal rights but when there is actually time to act, we move our eyes away. However, Callgirls Berlin respects and is with those women who likes to masturbate when their man is away or if they are single. Like every men, every woman has need as well. Sex and masturbation is not only reserved for men but women also has a right to enjoy height of her orgasm and get all the pleasure too. Before we talk about how often do women masturbates, let’s just get a sneak peek why masturbation is important for women. There are many studies which proves that women who masturbates have many health benefits and it also boosts their sexual life to excellence. So, if you are ready let’s see what benefits of touching your own self are and bringing your orgasm to feel immense pleasure.

At the top of the list, masturbation helps to boost mood. Well, as everyone knows, when you masturbate, you produce a happy chemical known as endorphin. This helps to boost your mood instantly and distract you from negative aspects. Also due to this even if you don’t have orgasm, still your day goes well. Moreover, masturbation improves sex life according to Yvonne K. Fulbright, sexuality educator. She says, that when a person does it alone, one gets to know what makes her happy and where to put pressure and where to touch to get high amount of orgasm. It doesn’t only gives one a chance to know about oneself but it also gives confidence to the person as well. Well, ladies if you were going through a menopause and now you are having problem in having sex, then just know your solution for it is masturbation. It will surely ease your problem as per the word of a gynecologist from Montefiore medical center, NYC.  So these were a few benefits that can be helpful.

Moving forward, when you are about to masturbate, you don’t have to be quick. Take your time and enjoy every sensation you feel. Make it slow and sensual. If a man can’t give you pleasure, there is no need, and you are more than enough for yourself. Moreover, if you feel kinky and want to try out something new then go on a trip to a sex toy shop. Bring so good stuff from there for yourself. You may use dildos, vibrators, balls and what not. Well, whatever you use, make sure you enjoy your time and have a great masturbation session. Have all the pleasures. Now coming back to the point as to how often women tend to make out with their own selves.

When woman masturbate?

According to many studies and findings, women are found masturbating around eight times a month or narrowing it down to twice a week. Well, isn’t it shocking? In the society where women who tries to be independent are seen as outrageous and rebellions. However, we must not judge these women because whatever they are doing is their own personal problem. They are not harming us nor are they harming themselves. If men have the permission of the society that when they grow up, they can watch porn and jerk off. And we take it as normal, then why we can’t also accept the fact that if women needs pleasure, and if they don’t want any man to do it, then why can’t they do it on their own. Why is it still a taboo for woman to masturbate? Banning things has always produced rebellious results and this is why everything is happening but under the cover. Our patriarchal society has made masturbating a sin for woman. Well, those women who masturbates knows what they want and they can give pleasure to their man as well.

Women who masturbates are better in bed

Well, man knows what he wants because he already experiments different techniques on his little soldier. But many women are not even aware of what they want. And the reason is they have never given them this pleasure, nor they have experimented anything. And if you are not enjoying yourself and then how can you make other person enjoy with you. However, those women who masturbates regularly are very good in bed, because they know which touch will turn them on and what will make them happy. They can tell this to their man and the man also can be confident because he knows what to do. This way not only you will enjoy yourself but you will make your partner enjoy with you too. Moreover, women who knows how to give pleasure to themselves when they are craving for sex are less likely to cheat because they are self-dependent and they don’t need a man to satisfy their needs. Also women who have masturbation habits are open to different experiments and aren’t afraid of even the kinkiest idea. In short masturbation has a lot more good effects on women. So, those women who are reading this masturbates, well for you and if you don’t then start doing it, to turn yourself into a sex goddess.

In conclusion we would like to tell those women who are afraid of society and are not living their life because of societal pressures, please stop thinking about the society and what they will think because gossiping is the most favorite hobby of society. If they won’t judge you this way, they will judge in another way. In short whatever society thinks and believes is bullshit. You must do what you like. After all the brightest stars shines in the darkest of nights. So calm down and relax you are not committing sin, you will be allowed entry in Heaven too.