post-title Coronavirus Escort Business Impact

Coronavirus Escort Business Impact

Coronavirus Escort Business Impact

Coronavirus Escort Business Impact

With businesses down and commercial activity low, most people are becoming increasingly worried about their income. In a career with as much physical contact as an escort’s, it’s no secret that the coronavirus escort business impact is highly threatening to those in the sex industry, such as Callgirls Berlin.

The World Health organization has declared the current situation a pandemic. Meaning that this disease has crossed borders into many different countries and has spread throughout the world. The obvious next question here is: should everyone panic?

Here’s what the Coronavirus Escort Business Impact means

The risk of transmitting COVID-19 through kissing and sexual intercourse is extremely high. Our escort agency can ensure that our callgirls are consistently staying healthy. Those experiencing symptoms are advised to remain in self-isolation until given clearance by a medical practitioner. However, we can only be so sure on our end. What we cannot be sure of is where our clients are coming from and whether they have been in contact with the virus. Putting our Berlin escort models at risk is the last thing we would want to do as it is not only bad for them but also they would be becoming vectors to further spread disease wherever they go.

Coronavirus escort business impact is very negative. It threatens a significant part of our escort girls’ livelihood. Booking cancellations have become more and more common as people strive to take precaution. Fewer and fewer bookings have been coming in. This is not only due to the increase risk of contraction, but business people have lesser and lesser of disposable income to enjoy services of full-service escorts Berlin.

A large proportion of clients that our German escort ladies see are also travelling businessmen. With countries closing their borders and people opting to stay safe in their homes, fewer traffic is being seen with many escort services. This coupled with a huge decline in the tourism industry are also major contributors in the coronavirus escort business impact. The real cause for concern is how women depending on the sex industry’s reliable function will get by on a daily basis, not being able to earn a dependable income.

Furthermore, independent in-person sex workers are facing the brunt of this situation. They have to consider the expenditure of actually seeing a client. Costs such as lingerie, lube, condoms, toys, hotel expenditure for in-call clients, travel costs, grooming and at the end of all of that, tax are causing a huge dip from coronavirus escort business impact.

We at Callgirls Berlin want to make sure we are doing our part in the prevention and mitigation of the pandemic at hand. We would also like to encourage all our clientele to take similar precautions which you will be able to find in this blog. First and foremost is that in such a situation, panicking will not help anyone. Mass hysteria and commotion will only make things worse.

There are also many myths and misunderstandings with what one should and shouldn’t do in light of the current situation. This article aims to address and clarify as many of the factors that can help slow down the spread and contamination of COVID-19. Only our combined efforts will be able to lessen the coronavirus escort business impact

Understanding the Coronavirus effects on sex workers

The coronavirus disease refers to a family of many viruses that can infect people. This also includes the common cold as well as SARS and MERS which are all a form of coronavirus. COVID-19 simply refers to the strain of virus that are currently rampaging throughout the world which is currently being referred to as Coronavirus.

The virus itself can only survive living inside a host. It will quickly die as soon as it is expelled from the body (such as a cough) it can only travel as far as 2 meters (6.5 feet)

COVID-19 will also be able to survive for an extended period of time atop metal surfaces such as handles and doorknobs. Apart from those, the only way to contract the illness is through physical contact with an infected person or the air they breathe and things they use (such as bottles and cups)

There is currently no known cure to the disease, other than self-remedy and rest. The coronavirus escort business impact can only be handled with each and every person doing their own part. This means that everyone in society must limit social contact. This includes social gatherings, going to shopping centers and malls and travelling for non-essential needs. Schools and large offices with many employees must also be closed. Work should be carried out at home.

If you do start to experience symptoms you must immediately contact your local medical practitioners and engage in self-isolation. This means no contact with family or friends. They would be classified as high risk individuals since they have the most chances of contracting the disease form you. These measures are very necessary to be taken as to limit coronavirus escort business impact as well as further spreading of the disease

We at Callgirls Berlin are working painstakingly to ensure that all our female escorts  are staying safe by limiting their social outgoing and making sure awareness is duly spread as confusion and pandemonium are the key factors to creating an environment where this disease has optimal opportunities to be able to get around making more and more vectors for itself.

How deadly is the COVID-19 Impact for Prostitutes?

Experts are saying that the new coronavirus disease is less deadly than most of its other strains such as SARS MERS and even the common cold. It is, however, notoriously contagious and fast spreading. This coupled with its asymptomatic (where no effects of the disease is manifesting) incubation period of 14 days is what is allowing it to spread so rapidly.

Only about 2 percent of cases have been lethal. This also depends on the patient’s age, immune system and local healthcare services. The death rate can easily be lowered with added precaution. Furthermore, it is possible that mild and easily cured cases are largely under reported

One less threatening contributor to coronavirus escort business impact is the fact that this respiratory illness is more severe in elderly people who also have preexisting and underlying health conditions. These can also lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure and pneumonia. However, overall it is found that men are generally at higher risk.

Another contributor to coronavirus escort business impact is that if more and more countries start to shut down the way Italy and China have, fewer and fewer international traffic will be coming through countries such as Germany where agencies such as Callgirls Berlin and escorts find their clients. At that point, contracting the disease becomes less of a problem than being able to get by on little to no income. Most independent sex workers have to pay a house fee to the brothel owners whether they come in or not or even if they don’t see any clients. Owing debt to brothels would mean they be left out on the street to pick up clients. With this at hand, if sex workers do end up contracting the illness, how will they be able to pay for treatment and care on top of their utility bills and living expenses?

At the end of the day, the most an individual can do is social distancing and constantly keep hygienic and clean

Alternatives to lessen the Coronavirus Escort Business Impact

Many independent sex workers whose daily income relies in them getting clients regularly have thought out creative alternatives to keep their cash flowing and livelihood running. In the event that countries like Germany do end up shutting down, chances are everyone will be at home for extended periods of time. Although this means no one will be looking for a juicy ass escort from Callgirls Berlin but they will be spending increased amounts of time online.

A reliable side business to sex work is becoming a cam model. Camming is becoming increasingly common amongst members of the sex industry as thy can reach more and more viewers on different platforms at the same time generating an increasing amount of revenue. Phone sex chatting is less common but still a viable method to fight coronavirus escort business impact.

However, if more and more in-person sex workers flood an already saturated platform such as camming, it’s difficult to predict the outcome. The overall profitability is likely to decrease. A positive angle on the matter is that with more and more people confined to their homes, there is a likelihood of the viewer ship for each cam model to increase as well. We can only know for sure with time. It is currently too early to predict how this situation will pan out. It is advisable to stock up on resources amid the coronavirus escort business impact.

The pandemic at hand has struck fear into many but for sex workers, a distinct lack of security of income as well as high risk of contraction has left them especially vulnerable.

Steps to take to ease the Coronavirus Escort Business Impact

Viruses are not like bacterial infections. With a bacteria prone disease, your immune system can produce white blood cells to fight off the foreign cells. Bacterial infections are also generally less contagious as compared to viruses as they have to come in contact with your blood in most cases. Furthermore, bacterial infections can be fought off with the help of antibiotics. These can be mass produced as most antibiotics can be found in nature (such as penicillin).

In the case of viruses, they are not as easily detected by the immune system which is why they can have a long incubation period while still being contagious. They can also spread more easily as physical contact is enough to infect another person. Viruses can also not be fought with white blood cells as they can simply hijack the cells to make more copies of themselves. The only way to fight a virus is to produce antibodies. Vaccines can be used against virus outbreaks but to produce them is a long and extensive scientific process that can take more time than the virus needs to infect many people. This factor adds to the coronavirus escort business impact

These guidelines from Callgirls Berlin aim to ensure that as many people as possible are taking the appropriate precautions necessary to mitigate the situation with coronavirus escort business impact

How you can protect yourself and others from coronavirus as well as reduce coronavirus escort business impact


  • Wash and rinse your hands frequently and thoroughly
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or your elbow (avoid using your hand to shield as this would counteractively cause more contact with the virus)
  • Properly dispose all tissues and used cloths. Wash your hands after doing so
  • Properly clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touches (such as doorknobs and handles)
  • Avoid crowded spaces such as shopping centers and other public forums
  • Avoid non-essential travel especially to other countries with high risk
  • If you are sick stay at home
  • Wear a surgical mask with the green (filter) side facing inwards
  • Spread awareness amongst your family, friends and community


  • Don’t touch any part of your face, especially eyes, nose and mouth without sanitizing your hands first.
  • Don’t share objects with others that come in contact with your mouth such as water bottles and drinking cups
  • Don’t wear masks if you do not have the disease.
  • Don’t go out of your house unnecessarily.

If you are a generally healthy individual who has contracted the virus you need not seek health care unless your situation becomes out of hand as to free up resources for those in more need of such facilities. These measures are necessary to lessen coronavirus escort business impact. For most healthy individuals, the illness can subside just by staying at home, resting and letting the body heal itself.