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Coronavirus Escort Business Impact

With businesses down and commercial activity low, most people are becoming increasingly worried about their income. In a career with as much physical contact as an escort’s, it’s no secret that the coronavirus escort business impact is highly threatening to those in the sex industry, such as Callgirls Berlin. The World Health organization has declared […]

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How Often Do Women Masturbate?

Gone are the days when masturbating was just a guy thing. Today many women also masturbates. There are many people out there who still sees this act a taboo. Well, if guys can take their load off and if the society thinks it is normal then why can’t we accept women doing the same? We […]

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5 Tips to Delay Ejaculation

Once a man was asked, if he is given a choice between eating the same food every day for the whole life or never be able to have sex for the whole life. Well, the answer of that man didn’t surprised us. Obviously he chose to have sex for the rest of his life and […]

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